21 août 2011

SUP in Biarritz

One week in the Pays Basque to test the brand new Fanatic Pro Wave 8'6''. Not a lot of wave but still fun with small break depending the tide. New boards are amazing with new shapes, new fins (thruster or quad). Perfect for effortless turns!!! Love it!! Now back to Grenoble. Hope for some freestyle session with south wind this week... Vincent
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03 août 2011

New Stuff!!!

Ok, every year it's Christmas in July!! So excited to get the brand new stuff from North and Fanatic!! This year i went for Hero (new 4 battens sail) and ID for the sails and Skate TE and Quad TE for the boards. I just tried Skate 99 and 109 and ID 5.4, Hero 5.0 and 4.7. I am not used to say that every year the new stuff is amazing, blablabla.... but this year there are real changes. The Skate's shape is completly new with shorter, wider and flater board that give you more pop and control in strong wind... [Lire la suite]
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