25 janvier 2011

ERD products fins now available!!!

Hi everybody, After several working weeks, we are today happy to announce to you that ERD windsurfing fins are from now available on our website www.erdproducts.com .  Our challenge was to propose windsurfing fins within an irreproachable quality for a "rock-bottom" pricing , the objective is reached! The Fastback fulfills the requirements of the most pointed riders but also of the freestylers seeking to progress easily. Available in 3 sizes, 16.18 and 20 and in various style, it will be the key of... [Lire la suite]
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04 janvier 2011

Happy new year

Back from Cap town. So good to be back on water after my foot injury in september. December is not the best period for wind and waves, little early in the season, but we get 10 days windsurfing on 15 days. We did 2000km to explore all the spots from Platboom to Melkbos and saw all the beautiful landscapes that SA can offer. Have a look to the Blandine Fort Photographie Facebook page for more pictures. Now back in cold France. Forecast looks good for the end of the week...we'll see Vincent
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28 novembre 2010

ERD: The story has begun

It's very cool to be part of a new brand. Here you can see our new freestyle fin, The Fastback. Our first feedback are pretty interesting and everyone was stocked after trying it!!! More news about the shape and R&D process on our facebook page. Can't wait to fly for South Africa in one week!!
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18 novembre 2010

Brand new fins : ERD

Hello, have a look to the ERD's Facebook page. Matthieu Mercier, a talented designer, and I developed windsurfing fins who will be available soon. The revelation will happened next week...keep in touch...
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21 octobre 2010

No French championship final for me

My foot is still painful and i can't go to the final of the french championship. I started physio three weeks ago and i will be ok in one week. The forecast looks good and i hope that Brittany give to all the riders a nice contest. Find a small clip from this summer in La Torche on my Vimeo page. http://vimeo.com/15964081 Vincent
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04 octobre 2010

European Funboard Expression

Have a look to the event preview picture of the European Funboard Expression witch will take place from november 10 to 14. Picture is from Blandine Fort , nice one!! I won the event last year, hope i can defend my title in one month...i start physio today, we'll see!!!
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25 septembre 2010

What a week!!!

Nothing goes right during last week! we leaved France for a 2 weeks trip to Sardinia but we didn't arrived there... I broke a wheels on the road....quick repair....OK, few hours later Blandine broke her ankle in front of the boat...hollidays cancellation....and two days later i broke my ankle during a pretty good freestyle session on the Rhone river...now the forecast are awesome and i have to wait (i hope 3 weeks...) Now, I have time for editing and i posted that clip from my last SUP sessions in Brittany http://vimeo.com/15113964... [Lire la suite]
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17 août 2010

Mauritius memories

I found some unused footage from my last trip to mauritius!!! Not the best quality but still ok!! http://vimeo.com/14235497 Hope you like it
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27 juillet 2010

Brand new stuff

        The brand news stuff is already available. No big changes on the north sails ice and the Fanatic skates. 2011. Just small improvments on the constructions. The quad are amazing, i can test it in cross off condition and it give extra grip on the wave face and more control in white water. Some pictures by Blandine Fort on U-ride. I upload a small clip on vimeo to, hope you like it!        Vincent
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29 juin 2010

Nice pictures from Brittany

        There is nothing better than a perfect waveriding session in Brittany!! I had a perfect one many days ago with nice sized wave and good wind for 5.0. Have a look to the Blandine Fort picture's on the U-ride website. Vincent
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