11 mai 2011

Lot of news!!!

Some times everything come together!!! A video release and a contest win at the same time.

Blandine finished the last video from our Britanny trip at the end of april!! One of my best sessions on those spots. Not really big wave but decent size and good wind!! Hope to get the same for the next trip!

When i came back home, young french freestyler Julien Mas organized a freestyle contest WindMeet at Monteynard Lake. It was the first one before La baule in 2 week and i hope lot of other ones!!! I was able to won the contest in front of Bastien Rama and Ben Panel! Great feeling!

More info at http://www.windsurfjournal.com/article,news,belle-premiere-a-monteynard,396 and http://www.windmeet.blogspot.com/.



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